OSINT – Censys – ChatGPT

Definitions from CoPilot:

Censys.io provides a service that can be used to search the Internet for hosts attached to the Internet, open ports on the hosts and protocols on each port.

It is fast — really fast, they attempt to keep the false positive count down, but queries are based upon their query language. It can take some time to learn the structure of the query language. Well worth the effort, but there is a learning curve.

Enter their chat engine, tuned to take English language questions, convert the question into a query that the Censys query engine understands, you get to view the query, and then you can execute the query, and get results back in a second or two.

As an example:

I want any host in the city of Tehran and the country of Iran with an open port that supports RDP or SSH.

A query that the Censys search engine can understand is generated:

Click on the Censys Search button and get the answer:

  1. Great way to learn the query structure that Censys requires. Change the “or” to “and”, “not”, whatever, and you start to learn the required query structure.
  2. Slowly the “computer nerd” requirement fades to language structures that a human understands.

Then there is the integration of Censys with Maltego as a transform and OpenCti.

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