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For my next post on SRE, I was going to write about WPAN technologies – Bluetooth,

Zigbee, Z-Wave and Wifi. I found this post, Well written. Just need to extend the domain beyond smart homes.

This book: Art of Site Reliability Engineering

goes a step deeper in exploring the protocols. Linking of IOT, SRE and Azure support together.
Neither book or web post cover enough of Body Area Network.

“A body area network (BAN), also referred to as a wireless body area network (WBAN) or a body sensor network (BSN) or a medical body area network (MBAN), is a wireless network of wearable computing devices.[1][2][3][4][5] BAN devices may be embedded inside the body as implants, may be surface-mounted on the body in a fixed position, or may be accompanied devices which humans can carry in different positions, such as in clothes pockets, by hand, or in various bags.[6] While there is a trend towards the miniaturization of devices, in particular, body area networks consist of several miniaturized body sensor units (BSUs) together with a single body central unit (BCU),[7] larger decimeter (tab and pad) sized smart devices still play an important role in terms of acting as a data hub or data gateway and providing a user interface to view and manage BAN applications, in-situ. The development of WBAN technology started around 1995 around the idea of using wireless personal area network (WPAN) technologies to implement communications on, near, and around the human body. About six years later, the term “BAN” came to refer to systems where communication is entirely within, on, and in the immediate proximity of a human body.[8][9] A WBAN system can use WPAN wireless technologies as gateways to reach longer ranges. Through gateway devices, it is possible to connect the wearable devices on the human body to the internet. This way, medical professionals can access patient data online using the internet independent of the patient location”
Awhile back, I was doing BAN with biometric devices, just did not know it.

I have been reading papers about cryptocurrency for awhile. When folks wrote about how secure the underlying technology was, the term “con” kept popping up. Greed by a small number allowed to operate in an uncontrolled environment – banks but defined as a technology.
Then there are small sets of engineers that understood what is possible, and created networking solutions that are the base of smart cities, medical devices, etc.
There are engineers that are the hackers that understand what is possible and how greed is so easily compromised.
Different paths taken.

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